There’s no doubt that our efforts on green building have created the interest at our subdivision that we would not have ordinarily had.

Charles Mullen

Dress Homes Green building

Drees Homes

They are always bringing creative and new ideas to help the marketability of homes and the experience of the field personnel has helped to build “tighter” more efficient homes that lower energy costs for our customers.

Commercial Solar Installation at West Star Precision

Erv Portman – WestStar Precision, SunPower System

Southern Energy Management was incredibly professional in their engagement with me. They guided me through the complexities of component selection, interconnection and permitting and through the final installation and inspection. I’d highly recommend their services.

Ground Mount Solar

Steve Tate

We had a great experience with SEM.  Everyone was professional, efficient and enjoyable to work with. We lost power for 18 hours this week due to a storm, but a quick call to SEM got the coaching we needed to keep the critical things running while we awaited repairs.  

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