Southern Energy Management took the lead role in helping to educate each of our teams and guiding them through the process with patience and leadership.

Jenny Vallimont

Crescent Communities

Lofts at Weston, Northwood Ravin Communities

Northwood Ravin

Their expertise and execution on the different sustainability certifications has allowed our team to make the best upfront business decisions and deliver the best possible market product.

Ground Mount Solar

Steve Tate

We had a great experience with SEM.  Everyone was professional, efficient and enjoyable to work with. We lost power for 18 hours this week due to a storm, but a quick call to SEM got the coaching we needed to keep the critical things running while we awaited repairs.  

Home Solar

Will Hooker

The thing most impressive to me was the quality of the people who worked to install our system. I have already recommended Southern Energy to a number of folks and will continue to do so. I simply say that Southern Energy is the best solar company in the area.

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