Crowd at Fullsteam Brewery learning about Solar Power

What You Missed at SudStainability: Solar & Suds

With rain pounding on the metal roof and the sound system turned up to 11, not a single person got up to leave. That could have been due to the monsoon conditions outside, but the vibe at Fullsteam that Feb 12th night indicated SudStainability: Solar & Suds had people locked in. As the rain dwindled, the beer and questions kept flowing around all things solar in NC. In fact, we were there well past the 9 pm end time, engaged in great conversation with people passionate about solar and renewable energy. From technical questions about specific homes to applause and hoots at the recent growth and standing of solar in North Carolina (#2 in the US for installed capacity!!), solar energy renewed us all that evening.

These public, engaging conversations are what our three-part SudStainability series was designed to be about, with Southern Energy Management providing the topic and expertise, Fullsteam providing space and beer, and YOU bringing your passion and questions! Sustainability runs deep in our B Corp blood, not just because we work in solar and building efficiency but because we believe in leading the change we want to see in the world through our work, our conversations, and our lives. We’re hosting two more events in the SudStainability series. The first on Mar 12 will focus on Green Building & Living, followed by Sustainability & B Corps on Apr 9 where we’ll be joined by other local NC B Corps who are changing the way business is done. Don’t miss these great chances to join the conversation and lead the change toward Sustainability!

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