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Solar for New Construction

A risk free opportunity for builders to differentiate and earn additional revenue through solar upgrade options. 

With the falling cost of solar energy more and more consumers are opting for solar installations being done at the time their home is constructed. SEM’s Zero Energy Blueprint is an easy program for builders to offer these turn-key installed solar systems alongside the sale of the house. Builder can

  • differentiate themselves with a unique product and service offering
  • increase their options sales
  • increase the overall sale price of the home
  • lower their average HERS score
  • win more homebuyers by offering the latest in technology

It’s not just a great deal for the builder. Homebuyers also get

  • Lower total cost of ownership through a lower monthly energy bill
  • Lower rate mortgage financing and longer terms
  • increased home value
  • convenience of moving into a home already installed with solar

To see what at Zero Energy Blueprint looks like for your home plans, contact us today.