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Solar with Battery Backup

Keep your lights on and your family safe even when the power goes out.

Battery back up systems are a great solution for grid outages and natural disasters that leave many of us without power for hours or even days on end.  Unlike diesel generators that create noise (often 60 decibels or more), battery backup systems silently provide reliable power in times of need.


 Traditional GeneratorSolar with Battery
Start UpManualAutomatic
MountingMust be rolled out and plugged inWall-mounted, inside or outside
RefuelingRequired every few hoursRenewable power supply
Energy SourceDieselSunlight
SavingsNoneTime-of-use energy shifting*

Depending on your specific goals and budget any number of technology types and sizes could be the right fit. What kind of appliances and loads do you have? What length of time is a typical outage in your area? Be it a 4kWh lead acid battery or a 16kWh lithium-ion set up, Southern Energy Management can help you reach an energy security solution.