Lost GoPro Footage - Scenic Couple

Help! Found GoPro, Need to Find Owner

When you reel in a domesticated GoPro instead of a wild Spanish Mackerel while surf fishing on the coast of North Carolina — fate, humanity, and an untameable, cat-like curiosity demand that you drop whatever you’re doing and set out on a quest to return it to its rightful owner. That’s exactly what happened to Southern Energy Management’s Builder Services scheduling savant, antique aficionado, and consumer electronics angler, John Fry. And while finding and returning GoPros doesn’t dovetail perfectly with our mission to improve the way people create and consume energy — we know that all great missions should include some epic side quests, so we’re joining John and taking up his cause. Working titles for this side quest include:

We Need Your Help

While we deliberate on the title, please help us find the camera’s owner so that we can return it to him, keep the world’s oceans a little cleaner by finding this little piece of plastic’s rightful home, and, perhaps most importantly, save Christmas.

Here are the best images/clips from the GoPro that we found to help identify the owner:

Join the Mission to Help Us Find the Owner!

Know Who This Belongs To?

If you think you know who this catch of the day belongs to, tweet, email, find us on Facebook, or even tag us in an Instagram story with more information so we can reunite this GoPro with its rightful owner.

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