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2020 North Carolina Voting Resources

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Election season is in full swing and by now your media feeds are probably full of friends, family, companies, and unfamiliar acquaintances telling you to get out and vote. We all know just how important this election is for issues like clean energy, human rights, environmental policy, and much more, so we’re here to tell you all the same — Use your voice, and take time to safely vote! 

If you’re not sure how to vote safely in North Carolina, or if you don’t know if you qualify to register and vote, follow the links below. We’ve also put together some resources to help businesses make sure their team members are able to get their vote in, and have a few volunteer opportunities linked to help encourage others to make sure their voice is heard. 

Election day is in the 30 day forecast and quickly approaching, so time is running out! Make sure you have your voting plan ready.

Do your part, get out there and vote like you've never voted before

Resources for Voters

Who Can Register to Vote in NC?

Check out the full list of criteria at the link below.

Check Your Status

Voter registration, party affiliations, polling location info, and more!

Register to Vote Online

NC registration deadline is 10/9. Don't wait!

Absentee / Mail In Ballot Request

Request your Vote by Mail ballot online here

Sample Ballots

Use the NC Voter Search tool to see your sample ballot

Track your Ballot

NC has begun using BallotTrax so you can track the status of your mail-in ballot, from printed to accepted

Same Day Registration

If you miss the 10/9 registration deadline, you could still be eligible to register same day during the early voting period

Voting Rights for Convicted Felons

Convicted felons in NC may be eligible to register to vote

Early Voting Locations in NC

Voter Education Resources

Should I Vote?

Voter resources, topic guides, and take the pledge to vote

Make a Plan to Vote

Resources from Patagonia on voting for climate leaders and making your plan to vote

NC Voter Resources

See what's on your ballot and check out their non-partisan voter guide

Resources for Businesses

How businesses can help employees vote safely

Here's what our B Corp friends at Rivanna are doing for their team!

Time to Vote

Join the movement of businesses making time for their employees to vote, whether it's time off or making it a meeting free day

Vote Safe Pledge

Support secure absentee ballots and safe in-person voting sites for the 2020 election

Volunteer & Spread the Word

Power the Polls

Help staff your local polling place

All in together

Volunteer to mail out postcards or help with peer to peer texting to reach out to voters


Work with artists to help register voters and raise awareness about voting at concerts


Help reach eligible voters to make sure they have the info they need to vote

The Civics center

Launch a voter registration drive to encourage your network to vote

Encourage Swing State Friends to Vote

Just 77,000 votes in 3 swing states determined the 2016 presidential election. Help boost voter turnout in these states!

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