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10 Cutting Edge Green Building Materials [Infographic]

Green Building Materials


Our guest blogger,  Accurate Perforating shared their infographic with Southern Energy Management. Their infographic concentrates on a number of green building materials. These materials have many environmental and economic benefits. According to the infographic, these benefits range from durability to improved indoor air quality.
Accurate Perforating lists out 10 types of building materials which include:
  • Certified lumber;
  • Bamboo;
  • Natural stone;
  • Cellulose insulation;
  • Plastic lumber;
  • Steel studs;
  • Perforated metal;
  • Permeable pavement;
  • Living plants; and
  • Solar cells
They do a great job at compiling the information in a visually pleasing way. In addition, they make sure that the information presented was accurate as well.


Learn More about Building with Green Materials

To learn more check out the infographic below.  Be sure to keep an eye out for our blog posts each week to receive updates on building to a higher performance.

Green Building Materials Infographic
Green Building Materials Infographic

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