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Santee Cooper

Santee Cooper

If you are building in Myrtle Beach we are excited to tell you about an awesome utility-incentive program for builders that are constructing energy-efficient homes.  Santee Cooper’s Smart Energy New Homes Program is offering builders incentives that range from $800-$3,000!  In addition to the whole house incentives, there is also money available for installing 100% LED lighting. These incentives range from $80-$160 based on square footage.

The great part about this program is that it is based solely on the homes’ HERS Score and builders can utilize both mechanical systems and insulation to qualify. The first tier incentive is $800 for a HERS of 85, with the second being $1,600 for a HERS 75, and $3,000 for a HERS 65.  With most code-built homes coming in at about a HERS 85, builders should be able to achieve the first tier with minimal upgrades.

If you have already hung drywall and we can’t complete the HERS Rough Inspection for you, there are also mechanical system incentives.  For higher SEER HVAC, the incentives range from $400-$600 and for Heat Pump Water Heaters you can get $400 back.

Every house is different and SEM can help you figure out where your homes HERS Score is coming in at and what to do to get to those higher incentive levels.  While you may get the incentive, your homebuyers will get the real benefit of living in a more comfortable, durable, and energy efficient home.

Taylor Fearrington, Business Development Manager